Monday, February 20, 2012

Roof coatings provide a faster Return on Investment (ROI)

Roof coatings like those from Conklin contribute to the bottom-line by producing a Return on Investment (ROI) in just a few years.

A cool roofing installer can apply roof coatings without delay and doesn't need to tear-off your existing roof system. Coatings extend the life of the roof for most buildings and roof systems - regardless of age or the amount of insulation already in place.

Even on a well-insulated roofing system, coatings can extend the roof performance life and provide additional energy savings. A roof coating is complementary to insulation, ultimately lowering roof temperatures and extending the life.

Now is the time look at roof coatings in a new light. They can create the immediate savings you are searching for, and they can contribute to a more energy-efficient, sustainable nation and future economic prosperity.

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