Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Roof asset management - preventive maintenance

All roof systems have a limited lifespan and will eventually require replacement, retrofit, repair, or restoration.

Developing a preventive maintenance plan with your roofing contractor can further extend the life of a roof and save you money by correcting problems before they become major leaks that could cause real structural damage.

Over time, a Roof Asset Management Program can optimize roof performance, save you money, and allow for roof replacement or repairs to be performed on a planned basis - not in reaction to a crisis.

If your roof is new and has been inspected by a roof consultant throughout construction, the final inspection report should provide enough information to establish a maintenance plan and inspection timetable.

For existing roofs, a roof consultant or qualified roofing contractor should thoroughly inspect the roof and provide a written report of findings with a photo survey of roof conditions for your future reference. Based on those findings, work with the roof consultant or roofing contractor to develop projected life-cycle budget cost estimates and establish plans for upcoming maintenance, replacement, or repair.

A good roof-management program should include annual inspections to look for damages - including membrane deterioration, water blisters, ponding water areas, coping impact damage, rusting metal, spray foam oxidation, membrane splits, etc.

If your roof shows signs of deterioration, moisture testing may be recommended:
  • Moisture probes are used to check distressed areas for the presence of moisture by probing through the roof surface and taking readings from the moisture meter.
  • Infrared scans are infrared snapshots of a roof area taken to detect the possible presence of moisture by recording temperature differentials.
  • Nuclear scans utilize a roof grid survey to detect subsurface moisture.
  • Roof core samples are an investigative hole is cut through the roof and insulation to document conditions in suspect areas (the hole is patched upon completion).
The goal of both new construction and re-roofing review and ongoing roof-management programs is to protect the interest you (the building owner or manager), to extend the life of your roof, and to prevent costly leaks and damage.

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