Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Installing a metal restoration roof coating systems vs. re-roofing [+video]

All metal roof owners eventually face problems such as rust, ultraviolet deterioration, photo-oxidizing, and a variety of weather-related damages. Instead of replacing your wearing metal roof, consider that a quality roof coating can keep your existing metal roof safe and secure for years to come.  

Roof leaks can damage more than just the contents of your building. They can weaken the walls and ceilings - jeopardizing the entire structure - as well as ruin insulation, causing your heating and cooling costs to soar. Instead of chasing and patching leaks or even re-roofing, metal roof restoration likely is a viable alternative well worth looking in to.

Restoration coating systems greatly extend the life of your existing metal roof at a fraction of the cost of replacement. They form a strong, protective barrier to prevent rust from forming on steel surfaces. Even where rust has a strong foothold, special anti-corrosion contents act to inhibit further spread of the oxidation process, and heat stress is reduced with the high reflectivity of the coating material.

The preparation for applying coatings over metal is actually fairly minimal. First, any loose scale, peeling paint, and rust are removed. Then the necessary metal repairs are made to prevent further deterioration. Flashings, curbs and other projections are repaired and reinforced, and finally all dirt and debris are removed and the entire surface is cleaned, often by pressure washing with water. A primer is applied before the application of the complete waterproofing system and final top coat.

Because they reflect up to 80% of the sun's ultra-violet rays, metal roof restoration coatings help reduce roof expansion and contraction, and prevent premature deterioration by providing a sacrificial layer to the elements, which helps to increase the servicable life of your metal roof. During summer months the high reflectivity helps to lower your cooling costs, and during winter months reduces the amount of heat emitted at night, ultimately reducing your heating costs.

Since little or no roof membrane is removed during restoration, interruption of building activity is minimized and the reuse of the existing roof not only saves tear-off and disposal costs, but contributes to the reduction of roofing-related landfill waste, which is estimated to be 25% of all landfill content in the United States.

When your metal roof ultimately becomes a rustly, leaky problem for the occupants of your home or commercial building, consider getting a quote from a professional roofing contractor who specializes in metal roof restoration coatings for a more affordable, more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, more sustainable, and faster-to-install alternative to re-roofing.

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  1. It's true that metal roofs that have rusted areas don't need to be completely replaced. Some can be rescued and restored. Restoring them by putting the right coating would help save more money and effort than changing the whole roof.

    Will Peartin

    1. Actually, a few of the most famous historic structures used metal roofing, like Thomas Jefferson's home, the Monticello and the Washington Monument. I must admit, it's the best roofing choice. Anyway, if you don't really want to have a rusty roof, then you should go for a stainless steel roof, which is naturally resistant to rusting. It's more expensive than other metal roofs, though.

      Saundra Wordlaw

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  5. All metal roof owners eventually face problems such as rust, ultraviolet deterioration, photo-oxidizing, and a variety of weather-related damages. blast cleaning services

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