Friday, September 23, 2011

Staying Cool with Cool Roofs

Performance of a cool roof can be adversely affected by accumulated dust or debris, which may reduce the material's reflectivity by as much as 20%. For some applications, ongoing cleaning and preventative maintenance is something every building owner and property or facility manager should consider, so you may want to think twice about putting a reflective roof system on a building where you are going to have a lot of dust and debris if you are not going to institute a regular cleaning schedule.

Aesthetics is another factor to be weighed when considering a white reflective roof system. The color of the roof can be part of the architecture, so that is an important consideration for some people being that cool roofs are typically light in color.

Although the color options available are quickly expanding, as researchers find ways to increase the reflective properties of colored materials. There are many more options for cool roofs today than there were even five years ago. Because of all of the benefits of cool roofing, this is an ever-evolving field.

With today’s cool roofs available in a wide range of types and from a variety of manufacturers like Conklin, making the best choice for a home or building can be a challenge since there is no simple way to determine which roof system is the "best". Efficiency ratings are a key indicator, but this is a tricky issue because when you talk about a roof you’re really talking about a number of different components that may have different efficiency characteristics. The best option is to discuss roofing options with a roof consultant or professional roofing contractor who is knowledgeable about cool roofs.

While the considerations may seem endless, when it comes to cool roofs there are very few drawbacks. In most cases there is little to be lost as a result of choosing a cool roof. If you can arrive at the right combination of insulation and reflectivity, a cool roof is usually a no-brainer.

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