Friday, September 2, 2011

Regular Roofing Maintenance - Cost Calculations

A poorly maintained roof will last only about half of its service life, costing building owners and facility managers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't believe that? Let's do the math...

Let's say you have a 50,000 square foot roof with a 10-year system and the cost to install it was $10 per square foot. That means the roof cost $500,000 to install, therefore the cost per year of the roof is $50,000 per year. If the roof is not maintained, and it only lasts half of its design life, the yearly cost of this roof jumps to $100,000 a year. If that happens, in 5 years you will need another $500,000 (or more) to replace it.

The cost to maintain a roof averages about 2% of the roof installation cost per year. In this exapmle, that means $10,000 a year. Over 10 years, that means $100,000. Spending that money to keep the roof maintained means the roof should last its full service life, which in turn means that you will only have to spend that $500,000 once. So even though you have spent $100,000 over the roof's service life, you may well have saved $400,000 by not having to replace the roof prematurely.

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