Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Selecting The Right Roofing Products - Owner Considerations

Yesterday we discussed climate considerations for selecting the right roofing products, but there are also considerations from the building owner's perspective that must be considered.

First, the building owner's intentions for the building should be your top consideration in roof selection. If the owner intends to flip the building as soon as possible, roof system cost becomes the primary driver. However, long-term holders and owner-occupied buildings are best served with a roof system designed with long-term use in mind.

Second, insurance can affect the choice of a roof system. If the building is insured by a Factory Mutual (FM) company, the FM design and installation requirements must be followed to the letter. Other insurers may have their own standards to follow, so you should always check with the insurance company during the design phase to be certain.

Third is the budget. Long before the roof is to be installed you should have a roof inspection performed by a competent roofing contractor, consulting architect or engineer who will give you an unbiased opinion of when the roof will need to be replaced and the probable construction costs for the replacement. A consultant can tell you whether you can re-cover or if a tear-off is needed and can prepare construction documents that anticipate all of these considerations prior to bidding the work. Having an adequate budget for the roof can help ensure the building owner's needs are met.

Finally, you need contractors available who know how to properly install the desired roof. When selecting a roof, you should identify contractors available to install it. Using local roofers is a good idea as they can respond more quickly to problems than if they are located far from the job site.

Knowing what you need before you obtain bids and being sure you communicate these needs to the contractors can help make sure the roof you have installed will perform well and have a nice, long life.

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