Thursday, October 13, 2011

Roof Specification and Installation

Building owners and facilities or maintenance managers need to take into account the importance of quality assurance during roof system installation. Typically, quality assurance is provided by the roofing contractor, who is responsible for installing the roof according to the contract.

Many times a lack of supervision, training or poor crew morale can result in poor quality roof installation. On the other hand, hiring an outside roof-system design professional (an architect, engineer or roof consultant) can help a manager ensure quality control.

It is recommended in most cases that someone with roofing experience be on the jobsite throughout the duration of the project. Sometimes it is best to get a design professional involved early on in the project, possibly even having a designer prepare a job-specific detailed specification. This way the designer is familiar with the project from beginning to end and can control the installation of the roof system.

Even little things, such as making sure the contractor is using the materials specified for a particular job and using the correct amount of fasteners, asphalt or adhesives is important in ensuring a quality finished product. Using this type of professional enables managers to have an expert design a detail for those unique situations on a roof.

Although roofers are good at figuring out difficult details, others might simply throw materials together and call it "watertight". Some manufacturers can assist in selecting a particular roof system and preparing a site-specific specification. But other manufacturers merely push their product, which might or might not meet the needs of a particular building or facility.

A roof system design professional, on the other hand, has the knowledge of a wide variety of roofing manufacturers and roofing systems in the market. The designer will specify a roof that fits the needs and uniqueness of a given building and can offer a list of manufacturers from which to choose.

The specifier will design specific details for your building where a roofing contractor or manufacturer may overlook or try to get by with an inadequate standard detail.

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