Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The ideal climate for SPF roof systems

Specifying SPF Roofing Systems: Part 7

What is the ideal climate for installation of SPF systems?
Although spray polyurethane foam (SPF) like that from Conklin is installed very successfully in all 50 states throughout the United States, the perfect climate would be warm and dry with little wind.

In northern climates, cold substrate temperatures restrict the use of the materials in winter months. In hot, humid climates, high winds and humidity have to be considered. In hot, dry climates, special formulas are used to handle the extreme hot weather. It is the contractor’s responsibility to know under what conditions they can spray and when to stop.

SPF roofing systems can provide long-lasting and durable roofing solutions while contributing to a lower environmental impact. However, to be assured of a quality application, a building owner or owner representative should do their homework to understand the roofing system and hire a responsible contractor.

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