Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roof Coatings Provide Quicker ROI

Roof coatings like those from Conklin contribute to the bottom line of many organizations by producing a return on investment in just a few years, rather than several decades.
Installers can apply roof coatings without delay and do not need to tear-off the existing roof system. Coatings can extend the life of the roof, and they are suitable for most buildings.

The age of the building or amount of insulation in place does not matter. Even on a well-insulated roofing system, a coating can extend the roof’s performance life and provide additional energy savings. A roof coating is complementary to insulation, lowers roof temperatures and can extend the life of an insulated roof.

Building owners or managers should move carefully in selecting a coating and training the maintenance staff on its proper application. A basic knowledge of roofing practice and attention to quality control are crucial to the success of a coating. You can use in-house maintenance crews to install coatings on smaller areas and to make repairs, but you want to contract out larger projects to a trained professional.

A roof coating can extend a roof’s performance life indefinitely, so its importance to sustainability is obvious. Yet general discussions of green buildings too often underemphasize coatings’ importance.

Now is the time look at roof coatings in a new light. They can create immediate savings you are searching for, and they can contribute to a more energy-efficient, sustainable nation and future economic prosperity.

Please also see the March 2009 facilitiesnet.com article by Reed Hitchcock titled "Roof Coatings Provide Quicker Return on Investment"

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