Friday, July 29, 2011

Finding The ‘Right’ Roof Coating

When specifying a roof coating like those from Conklin to protect a roof membrane, you should how the coating measures up to a series of criteria. The coating:
  • must be compatible with the roofing materials to which it is applied
  • should be reflective and non-heat absorbing
  • should be fire-resistant and meet code requirements
  • should maintain its properties for at least five years without the need for re-coating
  • should have elastomeric properties to withstand normal roof movement
  • should be able to withstand normal foot traffic
  • should be able to resist water entry
Also, the existing roof must have adequate slope to prevent prolonged ponding on the coating. Perhaps most importantly, you should make sure that your goal in applying the roof coating is not to try making a bad roof good.

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