Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama's 'Cool Roofs Initiative' helps agencies achieve energy-saving goals (Part 1)

President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13514 in October 2009, establishing reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased energy efficiency goals for agencies. One of the ways agencies can achieve this is is to install "cool roofs" on their buildings, like the ones manufactured by Conklin.

When a building has a darker roof, it absorbs heat from sunlight. "The more reflective and the lighter the color of the roof, it actually increases what's called the 'albedo,' the reflection of the sun off of the building's surface," said Jennifer MacDonald, the director of DoE's Sustainability Performance Office. "So, it reduces the need to then cool the building further, especially as you are trying to maintain cooler temperatures in higher buildings."

As roofs come up for repair or new buildings are constructed, the Energy Department will typically install a cool roof. For example, the National Nuclear Security Administration has set aside a roof asset modernization program. "They have about 2.5 million square feet that have been turned into cool roofs, at a savings of about half a million dollars and up to $10 million over the next 15 years," MacDonald said.

Please watch this short video for an overview of Conklin's energy efficient cool roofing systems:

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