Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Conklin's Rapid Roof III Takes a Beating and Still Clobbers the Competition

A side-by-side assessment of Rapid Roof III over foam and a similar competitive product illustrated the amazing superiority of the Conklin product compared to the competition.

A 2010 investigation of an Oklahoma City roof coated with both Rapid Roof and the competitor’s product compared a 10’ x 10’ area of each application, and showed the following:
  • The depth of the damage from hail strikes was between an eighth and a quarter of an inch on the Rapid Roof sample, and up to six times deeper on the competitive sample.
  • The distance between strikes was far greater on the Conklin sample than on the competitive sample, which showed a tight pattern of damage.
  • The total number of strikes that showed damage was 13 on the Conklin sample, and 105 on the competitive sample!

A “veteran” of the Conklin Roofing Systems product line, Rapid Roof III has been taking on Mother Nature for over 25 years . . . and is still on a winning streak. And like all of our Conklin roof coatings, it’s unstoppable against the competition!

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