Monday, January 23, 2012

Cold Call + Cool Roof Recommendation = A Sizzling Opportunity for Conklin IBO Delmarva Roofing & Coating, Inc.

When Conklin Roofing Systems Independent Business Owner Sheldon Swartzentruber made a cold call to Playtex® Products, Inc. to offer his roofing services, he was given a job nobody wanted – re-roofing the facility’s boiler room. Other contractors, it seems, had experienced problems with re-roofing the area over the boiler room because of the heat stacks, and no one was interested in that particular task.

A perfect job for Conklin’s spray foam roof system
Sheldon’s successful re-roof of the Playtex boiler room led to several more small jobs, until eventually Playtex began accepting his bids for larger jobs. Now his company, Delmarva Roofing & Coating, Inc., re-coats a section of roof per year for Playtex on average, and Sheldon has had the opportunity to try a number of Conklin systems on the expansive Dover, DE facility.

“To date, we have installed Conklin foam and coating on approximately 400,000 square feet of the facility,” says Sheldon. “The majority of jobs that we do for Playtex are spray foam systems,” he continues, “but we frequently use the Single-Ply system on sections of new construction, because architects tend to prefer membrane systems — and the 15-year warranty that we offer with them.” Sheldon’s team has applied Hy-Crown® membrane on approximately 180,000 square feet of the facility.

Old is New Again
Delmarva's next Playtex job involved renewing Conklin’s superior protection on the two original sections of foam and coating that were put down almost two decades ago – an 18,000 square-foot section, to which Sheldon originally applied a Conklin roof in 1991, and a 56,700 square-foot section that Sheldon originally coated with Conklin systems in 1993. “At that time,” says Sheldon, “I figured that each of those roofs would last about 12–15 years. Now almost 20 years later, the roofs are still problem-free and going strong — they’re just in need of a warranty renewal.”

In addition to the exceptional long-term performance of Conklin Roofing Systems, says Sheldon, “building owners like our roofs because they’re environmentally friendly, and also kind to the customer’s bottom line.”

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