Sunday, August 26, 2012

Should you have a foam roof installed?

A relatively small experienced crew can install a large spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof system. The key, though, is experienced - when incorrectly installed, SPF roofing systems can blister as a result of poor installation timing, improper substrate preparation, or even equipment problems.

Like most roofing systems, SPF must be installed under suitable environmental conditions. The applicator should not proceed with substrate temperature below the manufacturer’s recommendations or humidity within 5 degrees of dewpoint. Both the SPF and the protective coating should not be applied when there is ice, frost, surface moisture, or visible dampness present on the surface to be covered. Barriers may be required if wind conditions can affect the foam quality or create overspray problems.

Since applicator knowledge and experience is important to the successful installation of an SPF roof, it is important to thoroughly investigate past performance when selecting a SPF contractor. Fortunately, the United States has high-quality foam contractors in every 
geographic region.

Cost of SPF Roofs
SPF roofing systems vary widely in cost depending on the foam thickness required, the type and thickness of the coating or covering, the degree of substrate preparation, availability of contractors in a specific region, and other factors. As with other roofing systems, there are high-end and low-end SPF roofing systems. Michelsen Technologies performed a life-cycle analysis for SPF roofing systems in five climate areas of the United States. The study concluded that the average SPF roofing system in those areas cost between 15-50% less to install and maintain than conventional membrane systems over a 30-year time frame (the study reported costs based on 6-year, 10-year, and 15-year recoat schedules).

Learn More!
To learn more about the many benefits of SPF roof systems, please watch this short video:

When your roof begins to age and fail, consider getting a quote from a professional roofing contractor who specializes in SPF roofing for a more affordable, more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, more sustainable, and faster-to-install alternative to re-roofing.

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  2. It makes sense that knowledge and experience are key to ensuring proper installation of foam roofing. My uncle has been thinking of having foam roofing installed on his home for some time now. Hopefully, if he does end up having it done, he makes sure to pick someone that knows what they're doing!

  3. I had no idea that foam roofs were even a thing until I read this article. My father is a contractor and he has been thinking about starting a new project. He has been talking to a roofer about possible roofing options. I hope that they pick what is best for the customer.