Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Conklin Roofing Contractor Completes University Stadium Job

Yoder's Roofing, a Conklin roofing contractor in Montezuma, GA recently completed a spray foam insulation job at the Allen E. Paulson Stadium at Georgia Southern University.
The job required Eli Yoder and his team to apply spray foam insulation to a 12,000 square-foot modified bitumen roof system that developed leaks and at the time, seemed unrepairable.

The roof was approximately 30 feet above the upper level seats and had several small air conditioning units resting on four-by-four wood curbs. “We sprayed 2.8 pound-density polyurethane BASF/FE foam at the minimum of one-inch thickness to the entire roof,” Yoder said. “Low areas of the roof were ‘built up’ with additional thickness of foam application to create proper drainage."

Following the application of the foam, Yoder and his team applied 1.9 gallons of Conklin Benchmark Base coating to every 100 square feet to all foamed areas. “We allowed the coating to cure after about 24 hours,” Yoder said. The team then applied 1.9 gallons of Conklin Benchmark Top Coat coating to every 100 square feet to all foamed areas.
During the job, Yoder’s team faced minimal challenges.

“The only challenge we faced was dealing with over spray from the wind,” Yoder said. “To remedy that problem, we set up masking procedures to catch the over spray.”

Yoder and his team successfully completed the job in about four days with positive reception from the Georgia Southern University staff. “They were very happy with the job because they no longer had to worry about leaks,” Yoder said. “Everything has been great since the job was completed.”

Since the completion of the stadium job, Yoder expects to work with Georgia Southern University on future projects. “We’ve worked with the university before, and I look forward to working with them again,” Yoder said.

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