Friday, November 18, 2011

California Leads the Way in Environmental Legislation

California is noted for taking the lead in environmental legislation, particularly in clean air and energy conservation. Recent legislation in California underscores the merits of using white coatings like those from Conklin on commercial buildings to reduce energy costs.

California Title 24 legislation is exemplary for its support of white coatings. Exempting buildings with high-reflectance roofing from energy audits makes sense because white coatings dramatically decrease the need for insulation and air conditioning.

Alleviating solar heating loads directly affects peak electricity requirements. Peak electric loads are often the basis for the price of electricity because they establish the energy generating needs of a region.

California Title 24 legislation requires a detailed energy audit on a new building, to show that solar heat is dissipated or removed in an energy efficient manner, e.g., through insulation and climate control systems, unless the building uses highly reflective roofing with reflectance values above 0.70. Hence, Title 24 sends a strong message to building designers: The best way to cool a building is to divert the solar energy before it raises temperatures.

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